Obama’s Civilian National Security Force

US president Barack Obama may be hitting lots of curious brains across America and even around the world, with his Civilian National Security Force. According to Obama, the people cannot continue to rely on military alone to be able to attain the objectives set for the preservation of national security. The best way of preserving national security is to have a civilian national security force. Not just that, Obama is referring to a civilian national security force that is as powerful, as strong and as well-funded as the military force.

Many people have been asking, “Why do we need a civilian national security force?”. Others are wondering, “Why does it have to be as powerful and as strong as the military?” Obama is yet to answer these questions completely, but for now, all we can do is to speculate, wonder, and take a good shot in putting the puzzle pieces together.obama-civilian-national-security-force

Obama’s Civilian National Security Force could cause internal issues if he fails to address to the nation the complete and detailed purpose of this movement. When we talk of national security, it primarily concerns the protection of confidential state information, negotiation strategies with other countries, and mainly, the protection of countrymen against threats. There are lots of tried and tested measures that can help in maintaining national security. Some of these are the use of secret police (counterintelligence), diplomacy, economic power and intelligence services. Civil defense can be a go-to measure but I believe this is most suitable for emergency cases. As far as Obama is concerned, the civilian national security force will be one of the main players. If Obama fails to properly implement this thing, he might be facing the greatest threat to national security, the angry and powerful civilian mob.

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