Nonsensical Views on Hayden Kho Video Scandals


So what can I say about the Hayden Kho scandals? Honestly, I don’t really care, though I have watched every single bit of it. Just kidding. But actually, I think this scandal issue has rocket launched Dr. Kho’s name on the list of 2009’s most talked about people alongside Manny Pacquiao, Francis Magalona and Jovit Moya. Who knows, we might see Hayden’s face on a TIME magazine issue.

This Hayden Kho-Vicky Belo love story has completely turned into a major disaster. I wasn’t really aware of the video scandals until last week. That just proves that I’ve been under-exposed to television and newspapers these past few weeks, except for the live UFC events on Balls TV. The only time that I got really exposed to this issue was last night when I was riding a bus on my way home. It was this showbiz news show of Boy Abunda and Kris Aquino. Kho’s camp argued that Hayden was under the influence of ecstasy when he recorded his lust-making activities with Ms. Katrina Halili. Kho’s mother even accused Ms. Halili with total conviction. Halili’s camp said though that they are open for drug testing in order to disprove the accusations.

I think the drug accusations are way beyond the main issue. We are talking about Mr. Kho’s documented activities being published and reproduced across the cyberspace and even in the black market (through DVD’s) without his knowledge. I think the questions that should be considered are “Who is/are responsible for the public release of these videos?” and “Is it necessary to have a law that will prohibit the creation of sex videos?” I think it is not right to create a law that will plainly prohibit sex video creation because this will push the idea of absolute morality. I believe that morality has different ranges. Certain activities such as documentation of sexual activities may have various levels of acceptance based on the individual’s sense of morality. Well in any case, it will be very difficult to capture the violators of this law.

We can derive lots of reactions from this issue. Some might be cursing Hayden Kho to death for being such a pervert-ass. Some might admire his ability to document his lustful events although my officemate said that one of Kho’s sexual ventures (the one with the Brazilian model) mainly featured Kho’s aircon. Some might simply say “I don’t care about him and his videos. I can make my own scandal.”

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