Natural Cures Using Organic Chemistry

Natural Cures Using Organic Chemistry

The Internet is flooded with so many exaggerated health claims and empty promises. Because of this, Shane Ellison was inspired to carry on his mission and that is to be able to provide people with self-empowerment products that can deliver measurable results so that people will have a better chance to live healthy and happy. Shane Ellison is an award winning pharmaceutical chemist who authored Over-The-Counter Natural Cures. This book will teach you how to be in charge of your health using 10 lifesaving supplements. With the help of this book, you can get rid of your prescription drugs and turn to natural cures with the help of safer and easy to find supplements which Shane recommends.  A graduate of BS Biology at Fort Lewis College, Shane Ellison also has an MS in organic chemistry from Northern Arizona University.

By reading Over-The-Counter Natural Cures, you will have better understanding about the causes of heart disease, depression, cancer, and lack of energy among others and the book will also show you the natural cures for such conditions. Other things that you can learn from Over-The-Counter Natural Cures include how to harness nutrient logic, bolster your immunity firewall, optimize your hormonal intelligence, how to use inexpensive detox cure from Mother Nature, and many others. The book has been awarded with the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award.

When Shane Ellison was still an undergraduate, he has already been a recipient of the prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Grant. He was awarded twice for his studies in biochemistry and physiology under Dr. Sherrie Byrd and Dr. Les Sommerville. When Shane finished his graduate thesis in medicinal chemistry, he was awarded with the Graduate Student of the Year award by the Northern Arizona chemistry faculty. Today, Shane Ellison is known as “The People’s Chemist” and continues with his advocacy about consumer health. He also founded The People’s where you can find health products that you will not ordinarily find in your local grocery store.

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