MTV’s Awkward Series, Premiered

Compared to Teen Wolf, Awkward is more lovable. The title is pretty much very fitting for the show. It’s the perfect word that would describe everything that Jenna Hamilton goes through. As you watch the show, you can’t help but feel for the character of Jenna and somehow in one way or another, you can relate to all her experiences in life. As a high school student, all that Jenna ever wanted is to get noticed in school and perhaps have a reputation. But of course everyone wants to be noticed for positive reasons and not to be popular as someone who always get knocked off whether by accident or not.

The show is narrated by Jenna herself and most of the stories are told in a very amusing way much like with that of another popular comedy show, “How I Met your Mother”. Most of Jenna’s concerns are not broadcasted in public but instead she chose to be anonymous and voice out her concerns through the Internet. And most of her “things”, she does in the comforts of her own room.

The show brings us to the innermost sarcasm and insecurities of Jenna Hamilton as if voicing out what we, as viewers, are thinking. And also, the show is most likely to find connection between the viewers and her character as we are lured to Jenna’s escapades as a teenage girl blooming into a young adult.

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