Mono Guitar Cases

Carrying two guitars especially when travelling is not that easy, but it leaves no choice for most players because that second guitar comes in very handy whether on stage or in the studio. The Mono guitar cases offer a perfect solution to this dilemma. It would be a lot easier for you to carry your guitars while travelling with the assurance that those rugged M80 hybrid cases provide the protection that your guitars need. The perfect Z-form design of the Mono case is the result of a year of prototyping. This double-hybrid electric guitar case is very durable and lightweight.

The Mono cases are designed to protect two axes at the same time and with additional space for your accessories. The Mono M80 multi-guitar case in particular has a zigzag design that can completely hold each guitar separately. It has a neck brace and strap pin bumpers to protect both headstocks. Built on military specs, the Mono guitar cases are made only of high-test materials.

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