Mogami Cables for Guitars

When you are playing in a band you have to invest on a really durable cable. And when it comes to instrument cables, the Mogami Cables guitar center embodies the gold standard. Typically for most guitarists, moving around while playing the guitar is part of the performance. The Mogami guitar cable has additional shield layer of carbon impregnated PVC so that any handling noise can be eliminated. You get to enjoy impressive flexibility, outstanding accuracy and incredibly low noise when you use Mogami Cables. In fact even top engineers commend the notable clarity and silent background they experience using Mogami cables. No wonder major music recording and post production facilitiesworldwide are wired with Mogami cables.And audio professionals from all over the world have high regards for Mogami Cables and they are even called “The Cable of the Pros”.

Manufactured in Nagano Japan, the Mogami Cables are of the highest quality. The design and the manufacturing process are meticulously monitored to make sure that the quality will not be compromised just to save cost of production. It is guaranteed that each foot of Mogami cable meets the very solid specifications which are published and can be verified anytime. The Mogami cables are manufactured responsibly and their performance is valid and true.

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