Michelle Obama Ape Woman Pictures


Note: The image above is not an ape woman photo of Michelle Obama.

U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama has monkey image photos posted on the Internet and people are blaming the Google search engine for this. The Michelle Obama ape woman pictures appeared in the Google images results for Michelle Obama. A lot of African Americans are protesting to Google and they find it offensive. There have been requests that the image be removed from the search engine. In this regard, Google has already apologized and placed a notice over the picture titled “Offense Search Results”. Try it for yourself.

The Michelle Obama ape woman pictures leave a lot of sensitive and anti-racism factions indignant. The subject of concern has branched out already to freedom of speech against morality issues and for sure this is not yet the end of the line. If you’ll remember, Barack Obama was also a victim of this when the Obama joker poster photos were scattered on the Internet.

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