Medical and Dental Plan

As a discounted healthcare member of AmeriPlan, the power is in you, the patient, and not with the insurance company. A consumer driven discount dental plan and medical plan are what AmeriPlan are offering to their clients. The scheme they use is that they enter into an agreement with a large network of doctors, dentists, orthodontists, specialists, pharmacists, vision providers, and chiropractors. These professionals are called providers and they agree to give price discounts to their patients who are members of AmeriPlan. The benefit they get in return through this agreement is that they will have access to the members of about 1.4 million. In addition they also get to enjoy a low cost marketing for their services. Also, they will no longer be doing paper works that are associated with insurance because they will be paid in cash.

With the increasing trend of health care costs, the program of AmeriPlan is beneficial to both parties, the patients and the providers. Aside from great savings, other major advantages of AmerPlan membership include instant savings, limits on services, waiting periods, and acceptance of current conditions.

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