Match Fixing in Starcraft Tournaments in South Korea – How Serious Can This Get?

Match FIxing in Starcraft Tournaments in Korea

E-sports in South Korea is very popular and Blizzard’s Starcraft accounts for 70 percent of it. Starcraft has been a household term in the said country. Even stand-up comedians make use of Starcraft as part of their act. It is that popular over there. It’s like a Manny Pacquiao phenomenon here in the Philippines. LOL. I bet Starcraft is a common term over there that even old folks who haven’t even touched a personal computer know what it is.

I have found out recently that police in South Korea are currently investigating on the allegations of match rigging/fixing in Starcraft tournaments. And I just said to myself, Man, South Korea has really taken things to the next level when it comes to this game. I mean, Starcraft being associated with a crime? How serious can this get?

According to the police, professional gamers were accused of accepting bribes from gambling websites in exchange for fixing the outcome of games in tournaments. By the way, as I’ve mentioned, Starcraft is a really big deal in South Korea, to the point that Starcraft tournaments in that country are being televised and the professional players involved in such activities undergo formal coaching and even sponsorships.

Hopefully, this issue gets fixed because this will cause a massive blow in the gaming industry and in the PC gaming culture as well. Starcraft 2 will soon be released (mid 2010) and this game sequel will definitely be the next big thing, not just in South Korea but also worldwide.

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