Macbook or Not?

My wife-to-be has been very vocal about her plans of buying a Macbook PRO. She’s been weighing all the pros and cons of owning a new laptop, a Macbook to be specific. For me, it’s okay to buy a new laptop but she needs to make sure that her old laptop will be put to good use. She currently has a Sony Vaio and her super old NEO laptop has finally reached its dying days. She can lend her Vaio (if not give) to her younger brother who is currently studying in college. As for her plans of buying a new one, a Macbook PRO can definitely be a good buy. But if she wishes to buy a Macbook Air, which has less storage capacity, then she needs to consider wiping a hard drive clean (which is her old Seagate portable drive) to give way for more storage space.

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