Lose Weight and Be Healthy

I have a friend who’s really obese. She doesn’t have to weigh in to confirm if she is overweight. But despite her weight problem, (well actually it was not a problem for her at that time) she is a jolly person. She has this sense of confidence that even if she looks obese on the outside, she feels sexy on the inside. She works in the HR department of a bank. Her being in the corporate world and having a happy attitude in life do not give her any reason to have issues about her weight.

However, when she was introduced to this weight loss program by a friend, she decided to give it a try. Her family’s health background was her reason to lose weight. It wasn’t for vanity at all because she felt beautiful even when she was overweight. On her mother’s side, they had a history of diabetes and her father died of heart attack.

She got into a meal replacement program. She replaced two meals with a protein shake drink and had one regular meal for the whole day. And because she works in an office with a 9am to 5pm working hours, she chose to have the protein shake during breakfast and dinner. For lunch, she would have her usual packed lunch. To lose more weight, she would even drink shakes during snack time. Initially, she had a hard time adjusting to the program which is very normal when you are trying to lose weight. Eventually, because she was really determined to get in shape and be healthy, she managed to get used to having protein shake in the morning and in the evening. In two months she lost a staggering 55 pounds. And because the program worked really well for her, she decided to stay in the program for good.

The protein shake served as her meal. To have variation of taste, she would mix it with different types of fruits. It may not be the Best Protein shake for others, but for her, it’s all that matters and all that she needed. She has been using it for years even until now. Other forms of protein that also work when you are trying to lose weight are casein protein and Whey Protein. You just have to find the right type of protein that will work for your diet. It’s good to have Casein Protein during the night and when you are trying to build muscles, you must stay with whey protein.

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