Looking for a Wrestling Singlet?

Suplay.com is the world’s best wrestling gear supplier. They offer different styles of high quality wrestling singlet including folkstyle singlets, freestyle singlets, reversible singlets, and women’s singlets among others. Most of the school and college wrestling teams prefer to wear the folkstyle singlet. It can be customized to the school colors and the specific school designs. Wrestlers from different countries on the other hand generally wear the freestyle singlet which is dominantly red or blue in color.  Regarding the design, the freestyle singlet should conform to the FILA specifications which are independently interpreted depending on the officials and location of the tournament.

The reversible singlet takes to the design of the freestyle singlet. One side is dominantly red in color while the reverse side is dominant blue. In a freestyle tournament, a draw will determine whether the wrestler will be wearing red or blue singlet. The reversible singlet is so designed to make the choice easy since the wrester has no choice but to wear the color he is assigned to. The women’s singlets are available from all suppliers but only Matman truly understands the needs of the women wrestlers. Then if you are looking for big savings, you can check out the closeout singlets from leading companies like Cliff Keen, Matman and Brute. Limited edition singlets are also available if you want to find singlets in unique designs.

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