Left 4 Dead PC Game

left-4-deadI haven’t actually tried this game but my sister’s friend gave me a copy of it. It is also playable in Garena. So before installing the game, I searched for Left 4 Dead in Google and found out some interesting information regarding this action game.

Left 4 Dead is available in PC and Xbox 360. The game features three types of game modes: single player, co-operative and multiplayer. In this game, a group of four survivors is set to clash with numerous hordes of hungry and ferocious zombies.

One interesting feature of Left 4 Dead or L4D is the AI Director. This will provide unique game play experience for players every time they play. The behavior of zombies is recalculated by the AI Director in order to adjust to your gaming skills. This includes adjustments in the game pace, audio and special effects.

L4D was released last November 18 2008 in the United States and November 21 2008 worldwide.

Later, I will see for myself if L4D is really a badass game or just a typical RPG game. Well, I forgot to mention, L4D was developed by Valve Corporation, the makers of the Legendary first-person shooter video game, Half-Life.

Update: I tried playing the game. It was pretty cool, but myI got a little dizzy after playing. I guess I’ll have to adjust my display’s configurations first. Playing Left 4 Dead is worth a try.

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