Lecterns, Podiums, Hostess Stands and More at Siegel Display

Lecterns, Podiums, Hostess Stands and More at Siegel Display

Podiums play a major part to deliver a powerful presentation. A professional lectern can also provide you what it takes to confidently speak in front of a crowd. In restaurants, a hostess stand is a major factor to easily organize the waiting list. Standing up in front of an audience is not an easy task for some people because it really needs a lot of confidence. However, this could change if you can get all the help that you can possibly get. Lecterns and media stands were created so that speaking in public would be a lot easier. Podiums are designed with an angled top so that reading would be easy. And normally, a safety lip is placed at the bottom so that your notes are prevented from sliding off. Media stands on the other hand should have plenty of surfaces to allow space for audio visual equipment. It can also serve as storage for the supplies used in trade shows.

Siegel Display Products offers a wide variety of lecterns, podiums and media stands that can be used in different events and situations. You can also find stylish restaurant hostess stand that can be used in any type of restaurant. If you want a handy and portable lectern, Siegel Display Products also offers handy tabletop lecterns. And definitely, all their media stands have plenty of rooms in case you will need one for your audio visual equipment.

One of their bestseller is the Wood Podium that features a simple and clean design. It’s a great tool for powerful presentations and one of the best choices for an economical restaurant podium or hostess stand. They use a 3/4″ stain and scratch resistant thermo-fused melamine laminate on MDF to make this full floor Wood Podium. It is available in four finish colors including Light Oak, Medium Oak, Walnut and Mahogany and it comes with floor gliders.

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