LARP Weapons by Knighthawk Armoury

Knighthawk Armoury offers a wide selection of latex-foam Live Action Role Playing (LARP) weapons at excellent prices. Their products are made from customized foam designed for shock absorption. They are also used in LARP combat for safety purposes. The LARP weapons from Knighthawk Armoury are lighter compared to most individually constructed weapons therefore they provide greater degree of control and more speed when used in combat. And because they are lighter, less force is applied with every blow. The products available at Knighthawk Armoury include axe, bludgeons, bows & arrows, daggers, long and short LARP swords, foam swords, shields, staffs, spears & claymores, and many others. To ensure safety and durability, they designed these larping weapons from the core out. To help prevent breakthrough, the tips are covered with Kevlar. The foam is customized and the weight is just perfect for shock absorption and still resists wear actively. Latex is used to cover the foam and then painted for the design. The foam is then coated with water-based sealant so that it will not wither even after years of regular use. If used regularly in LARP environment, the weapons can last for up to five years. However if these weapons are cared for and maintained properly, they sure can last much longer. The weapons are exceptionally damage resistant but if they are forcibly damaged, still they can be repaired easily. If you want to know more information about the products including instructions on their proper care and maintenance, you can just go to the General Information & Maintenance page.

Knighthawk Armoury takes pride in providing the highest possible level of customer service. This means that they take care of all their customers all throughout the business transaction and they even provide after sale services. These larping weapons are currently being offered at the lowest possible prices. And they are willing to match or beat any lower legitimately advertised price that you can show. If you want to experience beauty, realism, durability and added safety, then get your LARP weapons from Knighthawk Armoury.

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