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The hitch mount industry may have been dominated by the ever-popular roof racks but more state-of-the-art options are still out there in the market. Popularly known in the market for their high quality hitch mount bike racks, Kuat continues to provide sexy, functional and light aluminium hitch mounted bike racks. For complete and professional rack sales and installation, check out Kuat racks at cracksandracks.com.

From Kuat Innovations comes their top-of-the-line rack called Kuat NV Bike Rack. It is made of heat-treated aluminium and it is light and manageable which makes it easy to install and to remove when it is not in use.  The best bike rack you could have ever used, Kuat NV can hold two bikes at 60 lbs. each. And to make trailhead repairs and maintenance easy and convenient, the NV has a built-in repair stand. For maximum security, there’s a built-in cable lock to secure the bike into the rack and the rack is secured into the car using a hitch lock.

Another bestseller among Kuat racks at cracksandracks.com is the Kuat Sherpa. Made of rust-proof aluminium and weighs only 27 lbs. Just like the NV, the Kuat Sherpa also has a hitch lock and a cable lock. The hand tightening cam system makes it easier to install. And even if the bikes are still loaded, you can  still get into the back of your vehicle because the Kuat Sherpa can be tilted down to give way for the hatch or the rear door to be opened.

You will find all the main features and design elements of Kuat NV in the new Kuat NV Core. This 2-Bike Platform Hitch Bike Rack is equally efficient and eye-catching like the NV and best of all, the Kuat NV core is reasonably priced. It can carry two bikes at 60 lbs. each.  And can accommodate either 2″ or 1¼” hitch receiver.

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