Kim Kardashian Has Psoriasis

Kim Kardashian is all over the news after she was recently diagnosed with psoriasis. The star of the hit US reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” was seen during a recent episode having a reddish spot on her skin. Unfortunately it wasn’t just a simple case of skin allergy but rather a symptom of a more serious skin condition called psoriasis. Incidentally, Kim’s mother Kris Jenner also has psoriasis.

Studies show that besides heredity, stress is one of the major factors that cause psoriasis. And because Kim is in a lot of stress lately preparing for her wedding, this may have triggered the psoriasis. Maybe dealing with the diagnosis would be a lot easier if she could lower her stress levels. Fortunately, psoriasis is curable although there are other sorts of things that can trigger the disease such as dry air, alcohol, skin injuries and upper respiratory infections among others.

Kim Kardashian can be considered as a vain person. In fact she admitted that she had all the hair from her body removed through laser and she never denied having Botox treatments. So you can just imagine how shocked she was when she discovered that she has psoriasis, not to mention that her wedding is coming very soon. Apparently, Kim deals with her condition by openly talking about psoriasis just like what LeAnn Rimes did.

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