Jordan Matter’s Uncovered Book


Here’s a peak at Jordan Matter’s newest photography book entitled Uncovered – Women in Word and Image. This book features photos of topless women (and let me say, brave women), that are taken in public areas.

Matter said that the Uncovered book’s initial inspiration was the Janet Jackson nipple incident during the halftime show of the Super Bowl. The Jordan Matter Uncovered book is basically a documentation of what happens when a woman bares her breasts.

The photo shoots took place in New York, where being topless in public (especially if you are a woman) is legal. Matter said that New Yorkers and tourists in New York were very open to his idea so he didn’t have a hard time in obtaining photo subjects. None of the models ware paid by the way. Matter stressed out the idea of women empowerment in his photography project.

Jordan Matter’s Uncovered book costs $45 in Amazon, although as of this moment, the book is temporarily out of stock.

“I learned that a woman’s beauty is how she perceives herself. Women’s perceptions of their bodies seem very destructive; they are so hard on themselves. Once my photo subjects became comfortable with working through their modesty, they were often in no hurry to put their shirts back on. They felt freed. One woman said to me, ‘You have no idea what you’ve done for me.” – Jordan Matter

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