Joey Chestnut Won the 2011 Nathan’s International Hotdog Eating Contest

For five straight years, Joey Chestnut remains the undisputed winner of the Nathan’s International Hot Dog Eating Contest as part of the yearly 4th of July celebration. In front of over 40,000 people who attended at the Coney Island in Brooklyn, Joey Chestnut ate 62 hotdogs in ten minutes. The event was also viewed by over 1.5 million on television via ESPN.

Winning the championship Mustard Belt may have brought triumph and honor to Chestnut however, some are not convinced about the idea of this competitive eating can be considered a sport. Some are even saying that due to some health risk, this type of competitions should not be allowed, more so be viewed on worldwide television. According to nutritionist Milton Stokes, the event is somewhat disturbing. He said, “Knowing how many people don’t have adequate nutrition, and how many people abuse food and overeat constantly, seeing competitive eating celebrated on TV disturbs me.” He also added that it can “send a message to spectators that going hog wild with food is not a big deal.” Even medical doctors are getting worried about the dangerous effect of competitive eating to anyone’s health.

Second runner up to Chestnut is Patrick Bertoletti of Chicago, Ill who ate 53 hotdogs followed by Timothy “Eater X” Janus who came in as third runner up with 43 hotdogs on his records.

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