Jeremy Lin Should Still Be Rockets’ Starting Point Guard

The title says it all. To all those guys saying that the starting point guard should be Patrick Beverly, they’re probably missing out some things. This is just my opinion. But I would like to emphasize the fact that Jeremy Lin is still better than Beverly. Lin only needs to work on his turnovers and be more aggressive on defense. Beverly still needs a lot of polishing.

Lin has better court vision. Lin is very good in pick and roll offense which is most likely the go-to play of Rockets with Dwight Howard around. Lin is a great back up scorer for Harden and he is over-all a better court leader. Beverly can scrap it out with other PG’s head-to-head. He’s a tough defender and a good rebounder. He’ll get in your face and he’s going to dive for hustle plays. That’s what Beverly is all about. But he’s definitely not a starting player caliber, YET. For now, let’s keep Lin in the starting line-up.

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