I Want to See GSP Fight Anderson Silva

So who is the G.O.A.T. in the world of Mixed Martial Arts? There will be a bunch of people who would say George St.-Pierre is the greatest of all time, but many would argue and say that Anderson Silva is the best. Okay, Silva is pretty much at the top of the list as per most fight spor critiques. Even the UFC builds Silva as the number one pound for pound fighter. But when you think about it, if you put these two fighters in the octagon for a five-round Champion vs. Champion war, do you think the odds are a bit in favor of GSP?

One key factor towards beating Anderson Silva is the wrestling. GSP has great wrestling, He’s got superior takedowns and we all saw what happened in the first Silva-Sonnen fight. Sonnen dominated the champion for five rounds and luckily for Anderson, he was able to sneak in a triangle choke-armbar submission. But with GSP it’s a different thing. GSP has great submission defense unlike Sonnen’s who’s been a victim of many submissions. If GSP can take Silva down at will, he’ll most probably get a win unless Silva pulls off another wicked submission or catches GSP with a flying knee.

So there, I want to see Geirge St.-Pierre vs. Anderson Silva. GSP is a big welterweight. It will be easy for the guy, who’s known for his great discipline, to move up to middleweight. But right now, Silva first needs to defend his title against Chris Weidman, whom I think has the right tools to beat him. Okay, I am not a huge Silva fan.

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