Human Dog Hybrid – Is This True?

So have you heard of the human dog hybrid? This photo was taken in a remote location somewhere in Australia. A traveller discovered a family of human dogs relaxing on a couch. The mother is busy pouring milk to her babies. The youngest baby human dog got pissed off with his two siblings because they kept bullying him and calling him names such as “arf-arf” and “doggy”.

Of course the previous paragraph is not true. The human dog hybrid family in the photo was created by Patricia Piccinini, an Australian sculptor.

Human Dog Hybrid

I have seen more bizarre artworks in the past but this one is somewhat different. When you view the artwork in different perspectives, some may think of the possibilities of creating a human dog hybrid, or perhaps a human cat, or a human roach- and the list goes on. Others might derive social issues such as sexism and sexual reference. The artwork may be conveying dog-like attributes to women. Remember, a female dog is sometimes referred to as a bitch.

If I were to create my own argument regarding this piece of artwork, I would try to target Piccinini’s approach to the mixing of human and dog attributes. Based on the sculpture, the human dog hybrid is more likely a human skeleton wrapped with dog skin. I would like to challenge more creative ideas from the readers. What do you think?

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