How to Use Guitar Pickups

Using an electric guitar pickup is not as easy as it looks. If you think it’s all just plugging the guitar in, strumming the strings and you can have the sound that you want, better think again because it’s another story if you really know how to use guitar pickups. There’s more to it if you know what it takes to make it work with the guitar so that you can produce the finest sound that you can possibly have.

Know the sound that you want to have using the guitar pickup. When you play your guitar, try to compare the sound that you get out of your pickups to the sound of the music that you enjoy. If the sound you are hearing while playing the guitar does not appeal to you, then it’s time for some adjustments using your tools and amp.

Once your guitar is plugged-in into the amp, you can set the gain and volume to your preferred level. You can determine clarity and note definition by playing some barre chords. If this doesn’t work, you can try turning down the amp’s gain. If the guitar has multiple pickups, take note of the height of the pickup’s top from the guitar’s top. The pickups should also have matching pickups. If you prefer to have different volume effects, you just change the height of the other pickups depending on your preference.

For pickups that have adjustable pole pieces, you can raise or lower the individual pole pieces to adjust the sound produced by the corresponding strings. In case the guitar has hard mounted pickups and the pole pieces are non-adjustable, a separate equalization unit can be used to change or adjust the frequencies. Playing barre chords and single note runs will help you assess your new sound. And to set your preferred volume balance, you just have to switch between the pickups. Knowing how to use guitar pickups can really make a difference but if after all the adjustments you still don’t like the sound of your guitar, you can try the aftermarket replacement pickups.

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