How to Save Up for Your Dream Gadget

Have you been craving to get a hold of the latest hot gadgets out in the market today? Have you already found a place where to buy new iPhone 4 but you don’t have enough moolas to spare? Well, this post will not show you how to acquire money in a zip nor give you specific ways on how to earn money online. This article was designed to give you tips on how to save up for your dream gadget. What is saving up anyway? In a simple stream of words, saving up is setting aside a portion of your money towards a certain goal. And one huge trend today among people is the surge of different kinds of gadgets, whether it be a laptop, a mobile phone or a digital SLR camera.

When we save up, our main goal is to achieve a certain amount of money that will be used for something or perhaps will be stored for emergency use in the future. There are many effective ways on how to save up for your dream gadget. Don’t lose hope. One main key is consistency. Be sure to consistently allocate a certain amount of money for your savings. And with that said, you need to be committed towards your main goal, that is, to buy that precious gadget you’ve been craving for since its official release. This might sound very materialistic, but let me just emphasize that the goal of obtaining a gadget is just an example of a motivation. A person needs motivation in order to be committed enough towards saving money.

One important thing that you need to understand when saving money is that it takes time. And when I say time, it is relative to the target amount and the amount that you save on a regular basis. If you plan to buy an Acer Aspire Timeline X laptop or a Nintendo 3DS and you get to save 10 cents a day, then it will take years before you obtain your target money. And maybe when you have reached your goal, the highly praised Canon Powershot S90 is already just a mere piece of old camera model. Be realistic with your goals.

Here are some commonly known but effective tips on how to save up for your dream gadget:

Eat at home if possible. Perhaps the most common advice is to spend less. Monitor your expenses and if possible, eat at home. The extra money you save from eating at home will definitely help build up your savings. Spend your money on carefully planned groceries and cook at home. I’m not saying that you should always do this. Perhaps eating outside once a week is enough. This will also increase the level of excitement when eating outside because you don’t do it often.

Laser beam focus on target item. Yes, this is perhaps the hardest thing to do because we can’t avoid the fact that there are so many things we love to buy such as clothes, bags, shoes and other items that can be objects of our endless cravings. If you have a goal of buying an expensive gadget, try to focus on that thing first and avoid buying other things so you can save up faster. Laser beam focus on that single item until you are able to buy it.

Watch movies at home. Watching movies in theaters is no doubt a nice way to spend time with your friends and loved ones. But instead of regularly going to mall to watch movies, why not try to watch movies at home? Watching movies outside once a month instead of watching weekly can really boost your savings. There are countless of classic movies for rent. Or you may also want to venture the torrent world for more options.

Make a list of your basic needs. We can’t avoid the fact that at least once a month, we need to drop by the grocery store to buy things for our basic needs. In order to save up and avoid spending extra money by buying other things that we actually don’t need, be sure to make a list. Think about the things that you need to buy, eliminate if possible, then stick to that list. Don’t buy other things that are not in the list. With this habit, you’ll be able to allocate funds in advance and you won’t have to dip your hands in your savings bucket.

Appreciate activities where you don’t need to spend much. Perhaps this is one of the major points that we need to instill in our minds. We can definitely save a huge amount of money when we start going for activities where we don’t have to spend much. These activities include reading books, yoga/meditation, blogging, running, playing outdoor sports and playing musical instruments. This doesn’t mean that you will have to restrict yourself from going to bars, fancy restaurants and concerts. The main idea is doing things in moderation.

There are tons of ways on how to save up for your dream gadget. It is up to you on how you will implement these.

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