How to Protect Yourself From Conficker Worm

conficker-wormSo the buzz about the Conficker worm continues to ring the ears of computer users around the world. What the heck is this Conficker Worm anyway?

The Conficker worm enables its creators to install different sorts of software on infected machines via remote access. This cybercrime tool can easily spread across networks and if it locates a computer that seems vulnerable to attacks, it will turn off its automatic backup service, disable the security services, delete restore points, disallow access to certain security websites and set the poor machine to be able to obtain programs from the worm’s creators.

In order to keep your computer safe from harmful malware such as the Conficker worm, be sure to regularly update your computer’s patches. It is also highly recommended that you turn off your computer’s autorun feature. Do not use free security scans from web site pop ups because these might be fake and may simply provide more threats to your system. Use a highly trusted anti-virus tool and be sure to update its virus database regularly.

Be careful and smart with your account passwords. Always change your passwords after a certain period of time and don’t use simple words or names as passwords.

If your computer gets infected by the Conficker worm, you must download a specialized Conficker removal tool using an uninfected computer. You may download the removal tool here.

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