How to Become Popular 101 – #1 Tip – Bark Your Ass Out

enter To all you guys out there who want to become popular, I found out a very easy way. Your shortcut to fame, your ticket to Internet stardom, your road to becoming a media sensation.

writing the essay nyu #1 Tip – Bark Your Ass Out in front of the camera.

here The Australian citizen who became popular by the name “Psycho Dog Man” followed the simple tip and he is now riding the fame equivalent to that of a rock star’s. Well maybe not. But Psycho Dog Man never knew nor expected that he will become a web phenom. A news show went to their small suburb and interviewed him about two dangerous dogs living in their neighborhood. During the actual interview, Psycho Dog Man demonstrates the barking and poof! He became a YouTube sensation. He even gave birth to a Facebook page!

developing a thesis exercises I just love the fact that his wife didn’t even flinch during the over-the-top barking demonstration of Psycho Dog Man, I wish I had her composure and inner calm during my times of trouble and pressure.

watch Check out Psycho Dog Man web phenom video below:

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