Holter Monitor

A holter system is also known as an ambulatory ECG. What it does is to monitor the heart rate of a patient for 24 to 72 hours. The holter system is used during normal activity and through this process there are better chances for abnormal symptoms to be detected. Using both computer and printer, the reports of holter systems are produced.

Some of the reputable manufacturers of holter systems include Midmark, Welch Allyn, Burdick, GE, and Nasiff. Holter systems and accessories from these manufacturers are available at Medical Device Depot. They also provide unlimited technical support and training.

A reliable holter monitor from Welch Allyn is the Welch Allyn PCH-100 Office Holter. It has a lightweight and compact profile. It contains user-friendly Holter software, 1 HR-100 Holter recorder, 7-lead patient cable, and AHA.

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