High Value Cost Editing at Sage Management

High Value Cost Editing at Sage Management

If you are looking for a company that specializes on reading a tariff, investigating billing and searching old ASR to DLR ordering documents and procedures, Sage Management is the right company for you. The focus of this carrier grade telecom cost management consulting company is to save money using high value cost auditing. They take pride for saving their clients more than $390M in realized/annualized savings. Only a few people can identify and settle complex disputes on wholesale billing. The CABS/SECAB billing, ASR/DLR ordering and AMA/EMI usage records are quite complicated and cannot be handled by a system based approach to have savings.

The Telecom audit services that Sage Management provides include invoice validation support using the Manage Monthly Service. They do One-Time Audit services (OTA), but the nature of their normal engagement is quite frequent.  Most of the time, their services complement the existing invoice validation processes. When you take a look at it initially, the services they provide seem to compete with the internal departments. But they work very hard to have an environment so that the teams are counted on to complement audit services as compared to competing.

Everything was made possible as the experts openly share their ideas, and provide a thorough transfer of knowledge. While your team includes ideas into their recurring processes, the team at Sage Management is able to separate and recognize fresh concepts for dispute. The team is also able to save chances so that cost reduction is increased. The invoice validation of carrier to carrier billing is done on a monthly basis. A comprehensive audit and reconciliation strategy are applied in order to do the job. The areas involved in the process include Data Gathering, Initial Audit, Deep Dive Audit, Recon Process, and Business Process Consulting.

Sage Management works on hard to find high value cost auditing and they can deliver to give you more than the 10% savings mark. Change is inevitable in the wholesale communication environment. The level of intricacy is increasing as well. All these factors have created an impression on wholesale billing and the result is possible savings of over 10% per annum. The experts at Sage Management are well-versed in CABS/SECAB and other wholesale billing. The erstwhile and frequent services that they provide help in the validation of these costs.

The distinguishing factors applied by Sage Management include a Business Model that involves dedicated resources and contingency; Service Rates, Data that involves facility and usage; Structure that includes auditors (hunters) and recon (gatherers) and Compensation alignment.

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