Heated Mattress Pads for Sale

Winter can become warm and comfy with all the heated bedding products available from Cozy Winters. They have safe low voltage electric heating blanket, classic heated blanket, heated throw, bed foot warmer, truck and RV mattress heating pads, heated body pillow, travel blanket, massage table pad, massage table warmer, and heated mattress pads for sale.

All UL listed electric mattress pads in North America have been operating at 120 volts all these years until the innovation of the Ultimate Heated Mattress Pad. It operates with non-hazardous DC low voltage and has been the safest heated mattress pad ever to come out in the market. Now you have better reason to turn down your thermostat during winter and give a new meaning to the word “cozy”. Another great product Cozy Winters offers is the MicroPlush Soft Top Low Voltage Heated Mattress Pad. It has a Plush Velour Heated Mattress Cover which brings your mattress to a new height of comfort. It makes use of a soft polyester fiber fill that is very flexible. This eliminates allergy-related concerns brought about by dust and other by-products when natural fill is used.

Another popular kind of heated mattress pads for sale from Cozy Winters is the Quilted “Skirt” Heated Mattress Pad. It provides additional comfort to your bedding which makes it well-liked by customers. Your regular mattress can have a pillow-top feel because of the quilted top of the Quilted “Skirt” Heated Mattress Pad. It is machine washable and has a 5-year limited warranty.

Aside from heated mattress pads for sale, other great finds from Cozy Winters include Down Comforters, Down Blankets, Down Throws, Down Pillows and a Down-Alternative Comforter.

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