Happy 93rd Birthday Nelson Mandela!

Happy 93rd Birthday Nelson Mandela

In celebration of Nelson Mandela’s 93rd birthday today, July 18, 2011, millions of South African school children led the world is singing birthday wishes to the anti-apartheid icon. Before the start of their lessons Monday morning, over 12 million students in South Africa offered a “Happy Birthday” song for Nelson Mandela. South African President Jacob Zuma and United States President Barack Obama also sent their birthday wishes to Mandela. In his statement, President Obama described Mandela as “a beacon for the global community, and for all who work for democracy, justice and reconciliation.”

Mandela has long been retired from his public life. On his birthday, he will just be staying in his home village of Qunu and enjoy a simple moment with his family. Mandela is a beloved family member for most of South Africans. His clan name is Madiba.

Nelson Mandela is the first black President of South Africa. He is famous for his battle against apartheid and has served 27 years in prison fighting for this cause. Because of his efforts to fight apartheid, he has received a Nobel Peace Prize.

The Johannesburg School for the Blind and Partially Sighted, the student of which are mostly fire victims from South Africa’s impoverished townships, celebrated Mandela’s birthday with song and dance on Monday morning as a birthday gift for their “Tata Mandela”.

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