Great Vic Firth at Musician’s Friend

Vic Firth is the number one stick and mallet company in the world. Vic Firth is a great brand and offers in bulk which allows you to have more savings. It may not be the cheapest 10 pair brick that you can find in the market but the right combination of quality and price makes Vic Firth worth your money. Vic Firth was already successful in performing music but armed with a great work ethic and support from his wife and daughters, the drive to succeed in business came easy to Firth.

During his early years, Vic Firth was not satisfied with the sticks that he can use as percussionist so he decided to make his own. He first made timpani mallets with round heads and no seams. When his students started using his sticks and dealers were already asking for his sticks, Vic Firth realized it is time to expand the manufacturing process. Back in 1960, his business was operating only at the basement of his home. It now has grown into a corporation selling more than 12 million sticks annually all over the world including great Vic Firth at Musicians Friend.

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