Great Game, Bad Knee

We had a great game tonight. The outside shots were pouring in and all players are contributing. The defense is great. We still need to work on a lot of things but tonight’s game was epic.

And so was my knee. Sadly, it hit someone else’s knee and got banged up. I’m pretty sure that the knee of that guy is perfectly fine. Mine’s got some work to do. I need to bring this to a specialist if the pain continues to pour in. So far, I can still walk fine with a few short shots of pain every once in a while.

I also want to give a shout out to my aunt who’ll be undergoing a bone operation tomorrow because of an injury she obtained after she was hit by an SUV. The driver was pretty old and I have no bad blood against him. But I do hope that he has learned his lesson. That goes out to all your drivers out there. Drive slowly and safely.

Hang in there Tita, everything will be okay!

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