Google Doodle Commemorates the 450th Anniversary of St Basil’s Cathedral

Russia is celebrating the 450th anniversary of the St. Basil’s Cathedral. A Goggle Doodle marked the commemoration of the Russian Orthodox Church. You can find the Saint Basil’s Cathedral at Red Square in Moscow. The Cathedral was dedicated to Basil the Blessed, so as part of the celebration, an exhibition was opened in honor of the “Holy Fool” Basil the Blessed. The restoration of the Cathedral has been going on since ten years ago and the cost of which has reached to 390 million rubbles or £8.7M.

According to Deputy Culture Minister Andrey Busygin, “This cathedral is a shrine and a symbol of Russia,” to which he also added, “It’s a miracle it survived at all.”

Ivan the Terrible ordered the building of Saint Basil’s Cathedral which started in 1555 and was finished in 1561. In 1917 when the Bolshevik Revolution broke out, the structure of the cathedral was in a dreadful condition. The Cathedral has nine onion-shaped multi-colored domes, the design of which represents flames that rise into the sky. In the 17th century, St. Basil’s Cathedral came to be known as the symbol of New Jerusalem and became the geometric center of Moscow. According to urban legends, Ivan the Terrible ordered that the eyes of the architects of the church be gouged out to prevent them from duplicating the design of the structure of the church.

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