Good Launchpad S at Musician’s Friend

Even with the absence of advanced musical knowledge, The Launchpad 64-button grid music controller can help you create music or mix tracks like a pro. With the help of your own creativity, the Novation Launchpad is all you need to truly play live. And now after some refreshing enhancements comes the Launchpad S which is class compliant so you can use it with Linux PC, Windows PC, Mac or with an iPad. Because of the low-power mode, there is no need for a powered USB hub and you can directly connect it to an iPad that has a camera kit. This latest version is compatible with the Novation Launchpad APP, has new text scrolling mode, compatible also with Ableton, BitWig, FL Studio, Reason and other DAWs and has super-bright high performance LEDs powered from USB or iPad. Check out some good Launchpad S at Musician’s Friend for you to choose from.

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