Giant Hogweed Dangerous and on the Loose

The Giant Hogweed produces huge and beautiful flowers. However, it also produces a fluid that is very dangerous because once you come across this certain fluid; it could lead to blindness and third-degree burns. Plants of this kind were discovered in New York State. Because of the alarmingly increasing discovery of these giant botanical species, the state Department of Environmental Conservation has set up a special giant hogweed Hotline. In addition, a 14-men crew was assigned to destroy the spots where they can be found including streams, roads, and even unsuspecting residential backyards.

The Giant Hogweed looks really stunning. When fully bloomed, it can have up to 20-foot stalks, 2½-foot-wide flowers and 5-foot leaves. Since last year, there have been 1,004 discovery of this giant plant, more than 60 of which were reported last year. The Giant Hogweed originated way back in 1800s when the plant was brought to New York. They can be found mostly in the central and western part of the state. The nearest discovery of this type of plant to New York City has been recorded in Muttontown Preserve on Long Island. The Department of Environmental Conservation’s Giant Hogweed Program coordinator Naja Kraus said that there had been no confirmed discovery of the green monster on public places such as the Central Park but they wouldn’t ignore the possibilities.

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