Garmin Astro 320

Tracking dogs has never been so easy with the help of Garmin Astro 320. This premier high-sensitivity GPS facilitated dog tracking system and comes in very handy when hunting dogs. This amazing device will provide information as to the whereabouts of the dog and its activities such as treeing, pointing or running. It can track up to nine miles away and depending on the type of environment it can also cover even in compact areas. The Garmin Astro 320 Dog GPS goes with an Astro 320 handheld unit with bright colored screen and a polyurethane DC-40 transmitter collar in orange color.  An e-collar receiver is attached to the DC-40 dog collar and once the handheld unit and transmitter acquired GPS satellite signals, the Astro tracking system will help you track the position and activities of your dog. The Astro GPS dog tracking system is not only good for tracking a single dog but it can also be used for up to 10 simultaneous tracking.

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