Forex Margin Management with ProAct

There are three things that Forex margin management can do, namely, ranges, reverses and trends. ProAct trading system sets up a separate trade so that each one can be seen. A method based on rules is also available so that each one can operate with a higher statistical probability. This Forex margin management from ProAct contains special growth tracks calculated for every type of Forex trader. They are the Newbies Trader, the Intermediate Trader, the Advanced trader and the Struggling Trader. You are guaranteed to move to the next level with the help of any type of Forex trader. Unlike any other charts, the ProAct Trading System trains like a real person consistently helping you in your mission.


This ground-breaking Forex Charting Software is the focal point of the ProAct trading system. It indicates high probability entry points and also the Profit-Taking Target Levels. With more than 20 indicators behind the scenes, ProAct trading system offers harmony and momentum.

Developed by a CPA trader, the tools contain T30’s, PAT projector, HIS tool and 2 Proprietary indicators (PATO’s and HMI indicator. Statistical probability and strict Forex margin management rules with excellent software are being utilized to determine the right timing of getting in and getting out.

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