Exfoliating Soap for Sale by SFIC

Exfoliating Soap for Sale by SFIC

Luxury soap products are now available online. Having been in the business of manufacturing luxury soap products since 1967, SFIC offers quality soap bars and you can also order custom soaps. They incorporate only the best ingredients with the use of melt and pour bases. They also create specialty soaps such as scented soaps, and exfoliating soaps among others. For their line of Exfoliating Soap for sale, their list of additives include Oatmeal, Loofah Ground Natural, Loofah Ground Color, Orange Peel, Walnut Shell, Coffee, Almond Meal, Pecan Meal and Poppy Seeds.

One of their bestsellers is the Oatmeal 1 lb Wrapped Soap Blocks in melt and soap base. This is perfect if you want to create an exfoliating soap. Aside from exfoliating, this luxurious soap also moisturizes the skin. Because of its high percentage of ground oatmeal, it has a wonderful crunchy oat look and provides a great feeling as you slough it off your skin. Your skin also receives the much needed rejuvenating during bath or shower.

For over four decades now, SFIC Corporation has always been committed to produce high quality products. Eversince, they only want to deliver high end soaps for hotels, spas, and all other business establishments of that sort. SFIC doesn’t only accommodate individual orders but they also do business creating unique soaps for corporate clients. Customers have a wide variety of options in terms of bases available in different forms that can be used to make aroma therapy soaps or plain natural soap bars. Your choice of additives can be added depending on your request.

SFIC also offer other natural soap bar choices. Check out their other creative soaps and be inspired how to create luxury soaps using high quality products from the exclusive selection of SFIC. You can also find everything you need if you prefer melt and pour soap base to create exclusive natural soap bar variety. SFIC allows you to have your own fragrances, colors, and essential oils among other. Aside from oatmeal, natural walnut can be added if you want to produce exfoliating soap for sale. For luxurious spa soap, additional lavender is recommended while you can add aloe vera if you want soothing effect. Be creative!

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