Excellent Music Lessons Portland at Guitar Center

You now have the opportunity to avail world-class curriculum for singing lessons, drum lessons, keyboard lessons, bass lessons, and guitar lessons through Fifth Quadrant. This excellent music lessons Portland at Guitar Center is the best beginner-to-advanced music lessons. There are 30- and 60-minute sessions of private lessons available which you can schedule around your time table. Aside from individual lessons, other options are group lessons and Rock Show program. The Rock Show gives you the opportunity to learn with band assembled of musicians in the same level of skills.

The music instructors in the North Portland studio are from different well-regarded school of music all over the world and the most respected and experienced in the area. You can be sure to get help from the experts whatever your genre of music, level of experience and age. Recording lessons are also available covering GarageBand, Logic and Pro Tools with the use of high-tech facility.

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