Euphonium Mutes

If you want to have a significant change in the timbre and resonance of your brass instrument, you can add a mute. In most cases, a mute is purposely used as a stylistic device and there are particular genres of music to which they work excellently. A jazz night club number becomes even more elegant with the addition of the slick neatness of a steel trumpet mute. The dynamics of euphonium mutes are very basic; it’s like affecting the sound waves of a horn by putting an object in its bell.

The aluminum euphonium straight mute is very versatile. All through the full range, the sound remains steady which is why it works perfectly for any genre of music. The fiber construction of stonelined euphonium mutes on the other hand offers excellent intonation and a free blowing style. Two of the best brands of euphonium mutes on the market today are Humes & Berg and Mutec.

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