Epson Projectors

The best way to enhance your home theater is to use Epson projectors. The Epson EX71 multimedia projector delivers 2500 lumens of color light output and 2500 lumens white light output so you can enjoy wonderful images with truer-to-life color. It has USB plug-and-play connectivity so setting up is fast and easy. You can have on the spot projection by simply plugging the projector into your computer. Sharing ultra high-def video content is now more convenient with its all-digital HDMI audio/video connection.

If you want to have big screen movie theatre experience at home, go for Epson Moviemate 55 LCD Projector. This could be the best addition that you can have for your entertainment system. The Epson Moviemate 55 LCD Projector is an all-in-one portable projector, DVD, and CD player.

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