Eddie Van Halen String Gauge

Owing to its high quality hex core and nickel windings, the Eddie Van Halen string gauge live up to Eddie’s demanding specifications. It provide great tone and smooth playability that can withstand night after night performances. This is the right choice if you want to get massive tone and stay in tune. Great for playing heavy or with high grain, it also offer excellent harmonics.

The nickel-wound EVH premium electric guitar strings are available from .009 to .046 strings. Smacking these EVH strings on your guitar promises exceptional quality in terms of durability, consistency and tone. It is like playing in the same gauge used by Eddie Van Halen.

The quality of Eddie Van Halen string gauge will give you enough reason not to change to anything else. With great tone and great clarity, in addition to great durability and consistency, the EVH premium electric guitar strings is definitely one of the best brands in the market. Playing on these strings allows your hands and fingers to move freely and more quickly.

Playing on EVH premium electric guitar strings is a key factor if you want to sound Van Halen’ish. You don’t have to go out and buy expensive equipment or use the exact instrument used by Eddie to achieve the Van Halen sound. There are different factors that can affect the tone of your guitar. The environment where you are playing, the weather, and so on and so forth but most importantly, the strings that you use. One of the most sought after sounds in Rock guitar, you can nail a Van Halen tone with a perfect string gauge on the right guitar. There is no need to fret and get too crazy with equipment. More importantly, it is how you will attack the notes and utilize the techniques. Van Halen is Van Halen and it is the sound that everyone dreams of.

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