Earth Encounters an Asteroid

A NASA report reveals that on Monday afternoon, the Earth will encounter an asteroid. The recently discovered asteroid is named 2011MD and will just be 12,000 kilometers or 7,500 miles from the Earth. The good news is that 2011 MD will not directly hit the planet because the gravity of the earth will change its direction. A robotic telescope located in New Mexico, USA was the first to spot the asteroid last Wednesday. And on Thursday, an alert was already placed by the International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center in Massachusetts, USA.

According to space scientist Clark Chapman from the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado, USA, the chance that a 30-meter-plus asteroid will impact the Earth every one hundred years is more or less 50%. Sky & Telescope magazine reported that you will have better vision of the close encounter of 2011MD to the Earth if you are on the south part of the Earth. Those who will be in South Africa and parts of Antarctica can observe better the passing of the asteroid. The people in Southeast Asia, eastern China, and Japan will have their chance to see the encounter at 2½ hours before closest approach. The closer it approaches the Earth, the more people in Australia, New Zealand, southern and eastern Asia, and the western Pacific will have the chance to witness the passing of the asteroid across the Earth.

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