Dog Training Services at K-9 Companions

Dog Training Services

K-9 Companions has been in the business since 1979 as the home of excellent professional dog training services particularly to families living in Southern California who are very specific when it comes to value and quality. A team of committed experts provide care and training to your dogs.

The best way to be benefited living with a dog is to get your dog trained by a professional dog trainer. A dog that is trained professionally is motivated positively and will respond to you with reinforcement. During emergency situations, professionally trained dogs respond better. Basically, a dog must be familiar with common commands like sit, heel, come, stay, and down. It doesn’t matter if you own an adult dog or a young puppy, visit now and have your dog be professionally trained and get a better chance to a great life with your canine companion.

At K-9 Companions, there are lots of professional trainers whom you can trust to provide your dog with the trainings they need. K-9 Companions has a reputation and experience that you cannot find in other schools that provide dog training services. Putting up the Boot Camp for Dogs has made K-9 Companions even more popular and successful. Most of their patrons include California canines.

K-9 Companions apply positive motivation and moderation in training your dogs. Violence under any circumstances is not used in any of the trainings. For the delicate breeds and temperaments of dog, flat collars are used while slip collars are used for the average situation and average temperament of dog. For the tough breeds and dominant personalities of dog, the trainers use the pinch collars.

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