Dexter Season 4 Finale


Last September 27 marked the start of the season 4 of the dark crime drama series Dexter. The 12th episode of the season will be the finale and it is entitled Dexter Season 4 Finale: “The Gateway”. Fans should never miss the final episode because the executive producer has regarded the 12th to be the “most exciting” ever. For those who were not able to watch every episode of season 4, you can just search the Web and look for reviews and recaps so you can fully enjoy watching the finale.

In Dexter Season 4 Finale, Dexter will be dealing with his most dangerous enemy, the Trinity Killer played by John Lithgow. Of course Dexter will be the main focus of the story as he struggle his many lives such as a serial killer, blood spatter analyst, father, husband, and brother. How he comes out alive in the end with his real identity still kept a secret is what viewers should anticipate.

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