Developing My Technical Skill Set

In my pursuit towards technical excellence and versatility, I will find time to sharpen my skills in certain programming and web development areas that I find interesting and useful.

I would like to learn advanced skills in CSS. This would help a lot in building my own WordPress template in the future. Right now, I have very minimal CSS knowledge and I just use it to perform several tweaks on my predefined theme.

WordPress code is built from PHP language. I have worked on PHP for almost a year way back in college. I also used PHP on my internship a couple of years ago. On my current line of work, I have very minimal exposure to PHP. I want to further develop my skills on this area because I believe PHP is widely used in web development today.

I am also planning to learn .NET, AJAX and Javascript. I have no experience in .NET and very small exposure to AJAX and Javascript.

And as far as my current work is concerned, I would like to further enhance my skills in SQL and Java/J2EE. These two are the main skills that I am currently using at work. If I am able to develop advanced skills on these areas, I’ll do very well in my career. I am planning to obtain Java certification probably later this year, or next year.

Other skills that I would like to acquire/enhance are ASP, Ruby on Rails and XML.

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