Credit Repair? Not a Problem

If you encounter problems with your credits, you can seek assistance from RMCN for a credit repair. This Credit Services Organization not just focuses on credit restoration but also provides comprehensive information about the dos and don’ts about credits.

RMCN was founded by Doug Parker in 1997 as a result of a personal experience with bad credits. When he had credit problems, he made it a point to settle all his bad debts. But later he found out that despite his efforts, all his settled accounts were still reflected on his credit report. Upon further reviews regarding Federal and State Laws and Statutes, he found out that there were inaccuracies on his credit report. He went on to further investigate his creditors and credit reporting agencies and was stunned to discover more inaccuracies. After his successful attempt of a credit repair, he started to help friends and family with the same predicaments. He helped them delete unwanted items in their credit reports such as collection accounts, foreclosures, charge-offs, slow payments, judgments, tax liens, and bankruptcies. The result of what he has achieved made him realize that he could do the same to other people who have problems with their credits.

RMCN helps their customers with credit repair through their “V” Phase Process. What this process does is audit the credit bureaus and creditors and demand for accurate report. Every time you receive updates from credit bureaus and your creditors, RMCN will take charge to turn your bad credit to clean credit.

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