Clear Glass Tiles for Sale at Beadaholique

Clear Glass Tiles for Sale

Get all your jewellery beading supplies from Beadaholique, an online store located in Los Angeles. For over a decade now, Beadaholique has been serving beginners, craftspeople and even professional jewelers. They offer only the highest quality products at very low prices and they take pride in providing friendly customer service at all times. Visit the site now and find out more information about their products.

If you are looking for clear glass tiles for sale, Beadaholique will provide. The clear glass tiles are available in oval, rectangle, round and square shapes. You may ask Beadaholique if you want to have custom-made pendants made out of the beautiful crystal clear glass tiles. Beadaholique takes pride in doing the hard work for you and create clear glass tiles that are perfectly smooth and have soft rounded edges.

You can personalize clear glass tiles using photos, drawings, word collages, fabric or any other interesting patterns as long as it is flat and thin. It is important that you are precise in cutting the size. If you trim it after the tile has been glued down, it is more likely to leave rough edges and will look messy afterwards.

If you want a clear glassy seal, it would be best if you use Diamond Glaze. The way to do it is to paint only a thin layer of Diamond Glaze at the back of the glass tile and then carefully lay down your design on the surface. If there are bubbles or spots that are not flat, all you have to do is to gently press to achieve a smooth surface. Then just wait for the pendant to dry completely. Use an opaque, solid colour paper to create a nice finish at the back of your creation making sure that it doesn’t show through the original design unless of course it is part of your design. Use some more of the Diamond Glaze in coating the whole surface so you can apply the backing. This will take longer time to dry.

Once dry, it’s time to attach a specially designed Aanraku bail at the back using E-6000 glue. Wait for it to dry up and then you can attach it to a chain or a cord.

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