Classic Auto Air

Established in 1989, the goal of Oil Air Products is to manufacture an A/C, Heat & Defrost system that is suited to any kind of vehicle. Now it is one of the leading sources of Air Conditioning Systems & Replacement Parts for Classic, Custom and Antique Vehicles including classic auto air. There is a wide range of vehicles and each and every owner has a personal choice. With this concept in mind, people behind Oil Air Products saw the need to manufacture a system that has modifiable choices so that customers are able to modify the A/C system so that it can be matched the stock as well as the custom vehicles. It is then that they started the HURRICANE series systems.

An important consideration when they designed their A/C system is that it should be compact, modular, with trouble-free installation process and maintenance is very easy as well. They have made it point that the evaporator will function as the main support for the fully customized installation. Of course they wanted that the system will beat the other aftermarket that can be found in the market and even the factory A/C systems at that time. The result of all these brainstorms was the HURRICANE unit.

The HURRICANE is intended as a replacement to the factory heater and for it to build up in the space that has been emptied. They have succeeded with their goal about the HURRICANE. And what’s even more remarkable is that the HURRICANE fits to a variety of vehicle applications. The HURRICANE is available in three variations. However, they differ only as to where the tube will come out of the case and accordingly where it will go through the firewall. To have a clean firewall installation, there is an available side exit fitting design. Because there are different switching and venting options, any of these systems is fit to any American car that was built from 1928 through the mid-70s, to later model vehicles, and even to some foreign cars including classic auto air.

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