Chocolate Strawberry Roses

It’s true that diamond is a girl’s best friend but chocolates and roses can definitely sweep her off her feet. Make it extra special with Chocolate Strawberry Roses from Shari’s Berries. You will surely love the juicy red strawberries hand-dipped with fancy toppings. This delectable handiwork, 12 Hand-Dipped Strawberries on a Handmade Stem is presented with baby’s breath and fern for that passionate look every girl would love to receive.

You can give this one-of-a-kind gift not just for the love of your life but it can also be a perfect Mother’s Day gift or even a birthday present. Shari’s Berries offer delicious hand-dipped Strawberries that are not just beautiful and incredible in appearance but also in taste. They are hand-dipped in mouthwatering chocolate and covered with nuts, mini-chocolate candies, and decorated to perfection.

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